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With Feferi’s help Aradia slides open the sarcophagus lid, revealing John’s ancient skeleton, dressed in the traditional blue vestments of the Heir of Breath. Aradia took her place before an enormous stone mortar, decorated with carved skulls, and removed the heavy pestle from it. Feferi meanwhile began her duty of removing his bones and depositing them with the massive mortar. As the last of John's bones had been gathered up, Aradia looked to Feferi, who cleared her throat and began to read from a small black book. "Ashes to ashes…" The normally bubbly fuchsia heiress intoned solemnly as Aradia lifted the gigantic pestle in preparation to begin grinding. She brought the pestle down harshly into the massive stone mortar, smashing fingers and ribs into powder. "Dust… To dust." Feferi continued as she saw John's skull crushed into a fine meal. Using both hands, Aradia harshly worked the stone pestle against the bones, leaving nothing but dust. After many minutes of grinding, John's skeleton was soon reduced to mere ashes. Feferi then placed a funnel within a grand, tall hourglass and set it before Aradia, who, effortlessly lifting the more than 150 pound basalt mortar, emptied John’s remains into it. Feferi then corked the hourglass back up and once more read from the black book, her voice still grim. “Our time in this world is brief.”, she said as Aradia swiftly raised the hourglass above her head and watched the sand trickle downwards. “But our souls... Live on in heaven.” She looked up from her book. "Or in the pit of hell." She finished as Aradia sat it down harshly upon John’s sarcophagus lid.

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damn bro thats crazy