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Minebot45 >> #58097
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I was watching the game clearing that ProtonJon did of Hiveswap the other day and thought "on the off-chance it's not too late, we should make that an incentive or stretch goal or whatever for TRG Colosseum: 'Jon Reads/Endures All of Homestuck Over Many, Many Livestreams'".

While I absolutely understand why he may not want to do it - 8,000+ pages is a very big ask from anyone, and some of the very "late 2000s- and early 2010s-Internet" word choice certainly doesn't help, I still recommend he try it out, mostly because I can't really say there's anything else quite like it.

If nothing else, the fan art would be a sight to behold, and many intermission wall-worthy GIFs await.